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BA Biological Science
it was a real chance to study there
I have graduated from Oxford, having done a BA in Biological Sciences. Although the course was...
Posted by sindyx
On 19/09/2012
Note : 5/7
Ecole de Conde
Je recommande
Actuellement en bts design graphique 1ère année, j'ai déjà passé un an de manaa à l'école de...
Posted by Etienne
On 19/09/2013
Note : 7/7
what a fantastic town for studies...and tourism ;-)
This is a great city to visit with many things: I ate at the Two Thin Ladies, good Baked potates....
Posted by brady
On 19/09/2012
Note : 6/7


Foreign students: new rules for residence permits in France

Foreign students: new rules for residence permits in France The law of 22 July 2013 on higher education and research modifies the rules for students and foreign...

STRASBOURG: When the Strasbourg Campus goes green, the atmosphere is fun.

This week, the campus was put Strasbourg green. Several actions have been implemented to promote the environment and sustainable development. Through this action you are...

LYON: Festival “Les Nuits Sonores” 7 to 12 May 2013.

From May 7 to 12, the festival “Les Nuits Sonores” is coming to Lyon for a week electro that you're not ready to forget.Born 10 years ago by a band of...

OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE: The famous boatrace begins Sunday, March 24 at 3 pm for the women's teams

Founded in 1927, the boatrace organized by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England became, in 1960, a true sporting tradition. Each year, the two...

LONDON UNIVERSITY : Students together in a Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake, it's over 40 000 videos posted on Youtube. This crazy phenomenon arrives at the universities of London. What better way to show the attractiveness of...

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