OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE: The famous boatrace begins Sunday, March 24 at 3 pm for the women's teams

21 march 2013

Student Boatrace : Oxford & CambridgeFounded in 1927, the boatrace organized by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England became, in 1960, a true sporting tradition. Each year, the two universities compete in a sport fight.


This year, the races start with the women's teams at Dorney Lake 3pm this Sunday, March 24. Born of a real battle of the sexes, this sporting event is now as famous as the men's race.


To be at the best place, do not hesitate to go at Temple Island Meadows close to the finishing position. Service bar will be set up for you from 10:30 am. At your disposal with many biscuits, cakes and barbecue especially installed for the occasion.

Student Boatrace BW
For those who do not have the chance to see the race in live, enjoy the live broadcast online on their website.

For more information and follow the race live:


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