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After several years of service to students, our experience has led us to see the importance of studying abroad for studies.

Today, it has become necessary to "move" during his studies to give another dimension to his future. We see many information about universities, institutes and university towns, but what think students themselves. It is on this new concept of contributory information about studying  that is born campustudy.com.

"Campustudy.com" is a web portal for student's opinion. It collects the opinion of students on courses, universities and university towns. With campustudy.com, students posting their opinions in real time and consult the comments already left.

"Campustudy.com" has an international vocation because you can submit comments about any universities and cities in the world.

Goal of the website: helping to study abroad

 How ?

- by giving his opinion, views or comments about the value of a training, the reputation of a university or institution or business school and the quality of life in a city.

- Seeking opinions about studies.

 the website is completely free for users.

 Campustudy has been created by a small team of students, teachers and professional in higher education passionate about student life.

Campustudy team

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Study in Strasbourg (France) Study in Karlsruhe (Germany)Study in Basel (Switzerland)Study in Freiburg (Germany)Study in Mulhouse (France)

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