Terms of Use :

Section 1 - Acceptance of Terms of Use
By using the site Campustudy.com (referred to as "the Site"), you agree explicitly to comply with these Terms, which you agree to be bound and Campustudy.com may change at any time in accordance under these conditions. We invite you to check periodically for changes were made to these Terms. Failing agreement by you about these Terms, you may not use the site Campustudy.com

Section 2 - Ownership and copyright
The Site and all text, images, logos, trademarks and other content are protected by copyright Campustudy.com, all rights reserved. Campustudy.com, the logo "and graduate hat planet" is a registered trademark.

Article 3 - The Site
Campustudy.com website, referred to as "the Site" is a site devoted to higher education in Europe and worldwide. It offers a range of services such as information about what students have to say about their experiences of studying abroad, classified ads, forums and student opinion on higher education, institutions of higher education and cities in the world.

Article 4 - User and Access to Services
Users must register to access services such as: give notice, file an ad, ask questions on the forums, contact another member, on the Site. Once the user is registered on the site as a member, it becomes a de facto member. Access to the account is done by entering an email or a username which ensures confidentiality. It is effective for an indefinite period. Campustudy.com reserves the right to terminate enrollment at any time by email and without notice, temporarily or permanently.

Article 5 - Guarantees
The site is accessible according to availability and without any express or implied warranty. Campustudy.com disclaims all liability for content error. The site is in principle always available, except interruption, scheduled or not, for the purposes of his maintenance or force majeure. Being subject to an obligation of means, Campustudy.com can not be held liable for damages, of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the unavailability of the service.

Article 6 - Special provisions for certain sections of the site
The site allows the user to give an opinion or comment. All notices, critical reviews and comments that publishes the site are those of the author and do not represent an opinion or perspective Campustudy.com.L user is the one and only held responsible for the contents in its opinion or comment on campustudy.com Campustudy.com and guaranteed against any claims and / or actions that could bring anyone and because of the dissemination of a notice or comment on the Site. The user will assume all charges and payment for these people say whatever cause or reason that is caused or claimed.
The Site reserves the discretion whether to publish an opinion or comment from the user on the Site, modify, adapt or translate in any language, to keep it online or remove it at any time and without informing the user beforehand.

Article 7 - Special conditions applicable to the opinions and testimonials posted on the site
Notice or by posting comments on the site, the user assigns expressly and graciously Campustudy.com all intellectual property rights relating thereto including the right of reproduction, representation, adaptation, and on any media in any format known or unknown to this day, for the world and for the duration of intellectual property present or future.
The false information given voluntarily or for fraudulent purposes on account or in other areas of the portal - on a false identity in particular - are prohibited. You will find below a partial list of types of posts unlawful or prohibited on the Site. Campustudy reserves the right to modify this list at any time, and to conduct any investigation and to initiate at its discretion, any legal action against anyone who violates this provision, including, but not limited to, removing Site proscribed communication and terminating the right to use the Site in violation of people.
The opinions, posts and messages not allowed; it’s forbidden :
- to be offensive to the online community, such as content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical attack groups or individuals
- to harass or incite harassment of a person or relating to human right, the right to privacy or the right to human dignity.
- to involve the transmission of unwanted advertising messages ("junk mail"), chain, or sending mass unsolicited messages ("spamming")
- Are defamatory or insulting
- to promote information that you know is false or misleading,
- Encourage illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening or obscene;
- Encourage illegal copying or unauthorized use of protected works of others by copyright, such as providing pirated computer programs or links to such programs or information to counter processes of copy protection installed by the manufacturer or providing pirated music or links to pirated music files,
- to contains restricted pages or dependent on a password, hidden pages or images (which come from or lead by link to other pages accessible),
- to provide instructions or information relating to illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, the invasion of someone's privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses,
- to constitute conduct that could be considered criminal to civil liability of the person or being in contravention of the law or infringes the rights of third parties in any other country in the world,
- to undertake, without our prior written consent, commercial activities and / or sales such as contests, "sweepstakes", barter, advertising and sales to snowball.

Section 8 - Reporting Abuse and Inappropriate Content
It is possible the user to report abuse concerning a notice on the Site to the extent that it does not respect the rules of Article 7. No notice will be removed for another reason, simply to disagree with an opinion is not a valid reason. To report a notice with inappropriate content, or for any claim or objection, you may contact us at the following address: contact@campustudy.com, Campustudy will endeavor to remove within a reasonable illegal content in soon as possible.

Article 9 - Links to other third-party sites
The Site may contain hypertext links to other Web sites published and managed by third parties and not by Campustudy.com. The Site shall not be held responsible directly or indirectly for such third party sites do not respect the laws and regulations both French and European current or future, and the consequences of this failure.

Article 10 - Privacy Policy
Under Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (CNIL) on information technology, files and freedoms, site users have the right to oppose, access, and correct data about them on Campustudy.com site. Thus, you can contact us to ask us any contact@campustudy.com delete, modify your personal data on the site.

Article 11-Data for Google Adsense
- As a third party vendor, Google uses cookies to serve ads on the site.
- With the DART cookie Google adjusts ads disseminated to users based on their visit to your website or other sites.
- Users can disable the use of the DART cookie.

Article 12: Liability of service
The service provider is not responsible for any economic damage, tangible or intangible related to the use of the site campustudy. Campustudy site contains links to other Internet sites and content from third parties. The use of this content depends exclusively on the external conditions prevailing at the ISPs concerned. The service provider is not responsible for the availability of external content and any damage they may cause. The information published on the platform can be modified at any time. The service provider accepts no responsibility regarding their accuracy. The service can not be held liable in cases where data would be lost, deleted or sent to a fake address as part of the services offered. The service provider is not responsible for the accuracy and content of information given in the behalf of members or other user generated content. The service provider is not responsible for the possible misuse of information published on the platform. The service provider reserves the right - without it being in any way an obligation - to control, in accordance with the law and legislation, the content of all text, photographs or graphics sent, and modify or delete them if necessary. The service strives to ensure the proper operation and continues to shape the platform, but can not guarantee an uninterrupted or use permanent access to the platform, it is also not responsible delays or stops transmission related to technical problems. Technical problems or maintenance work required can cause such a temporary interruption of transmission. The service provider is not responsible for obtaining unauthorized users' personal data by a third party (if a "hacker" would be able to gain unauthorized access to the database, for example). The service can also never be held responsible if it is misused the information provided to third by the user-même.Le service provider reserves the right not to provide third services offered on the platform, in part or in whole, or by mentioning the reasons, or not doing.

Article 13: Responsibilities and Obligations of Users
The user agrees not to hold the service provider not responsible for all liens, charges and claims regarding damage caused by insults, defamation, violations of human rights, suspension of services for web other users, violating intellectual property or other rights. This commitment of the user to the service relates to the costs associated with such atteintes.L user agrees to treat e-mails and other messages confidentially and not disclose them to third that with the prior permission of the sender. This also applies to names, phone numbers and fax numbers, mailing addresses and electronic and / or URL.En addition, the user agrees to use the site without campustudy.com abuse of any kind, and especially to broadcast its material or information through any defamatory, offensive or contrary to law. This applies in particular any pornographic, racist or inciting racial hatred, or any equivalent content is contrary to law and good hitting mœurs.De not use the platform to annoy or harass other users, to make threats or violate the rights (including rights) of third. Not enter any data in the system that carries a computer virus (infected software), any software or other material that is protected by copyright, even if the user holds the rights or necessary agreement regarding the use of said matériel.De not use in any manner which could adversely affect the availability of the platform for other utilisateurs.De not block or even try to block, emails or other messages to other utilisateurs.D send members emails or other equivalent posts for the sole purpose of communicating, and not to propose or make the item of goods or other services to other members . Not to send chain letters, not to launch system snowball and not to practice in multi level marketing (network marketing).


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