Foreign students: new rules for residence permits in France

11 09 2013

Foreign students: new rules for residence permits in France

The law of 22 July 2013 on higher education and research modifies the rules for students and foreign scientists and researchers on the right to stay.

 Concerning the “Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour” (APS), the validity of the APS common law issued to the student who wishes to complete their training with a first professional experience is now 12 months (against 6 months previously). This option is available without restriction to a single job or a single employer. The issue of the APS is no longer subject to the prospect of returning to the country of origin of the student, or the participation in the economic development of France and the country of origin. At the end of APS, provided the holder of employment or a promise of employment concerned is allowed to stay in France without his opposable the criterion of the employment situation (have a work contract covered by the administrative authority or a work permit).

Like the already existing device for researchers, as the multi-year residence permit marked "student" is created: this title is issued upon the expiration of long-stay visa valid as residence. Finally, the involuntary loss of employment is no longer a ground for withdrawal of the residence permit "scientist-researcher."

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