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07 08 2012

Being a student in one of the niversity network Eucor cities of Strasbourg, Freiburg, Mulhouse, Basel and Karlsruhe, allows you to take courses and receive free services from other member universities.

Opportunities for student mobility abroad in the in the Eucor network include :
1. "Free mobility" with a route map
As part of your studies, you will take a course, one or more modules at another Eucor university. In agreement with the teachers at your home university and the host university, it is possible to validate the obtained ECTS credits.

2. "Mandatory mobility" a marked trail
Some teachers offer to replace the course or module they provide with an equivalent or complementary of another Eucor university.

3. Mobility "mandatory": a course plotted
a course plotted As part of some courses, you are required to take a course or one or more modules offered by a Eucor university or jointly by several Eucor universities.

4. The international joint thesis offers doctorat students the opportunity to choose two supervisors to broaden their disciplinary approaches or expand within the same discipline.

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Study in Strasbourg (France) Study in Karlsruhe (Germany)Study in Basel (Switzerland)Study in Freiburg (Germany)Study in Mulhouse (France)

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