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Posté par macmurdoch
On 2012/09/19 at 15:09
  I'm pleased to study at the Uni of Oxford
I applied to Oxford but actually didn't want to come... but i am actually really pleased i did.
I thought it would be dull and stuck-up. However nothing could be further from the truth, because Oxford is aware that this is what everyone thinks about it, it makes all the more effort to overcome these kind of things. The access and equal opportunities campaigns are really visible and there is an overall political awareness in the university.
The work is hard, but that's why i love it. The days when boredom and learning went together are over. I am engaged in my subject and can see how much i have improved over the three years i have been here. The supervision/tutorial system is great and you are surrounded by people who are just as interested as you are, so there is always opportunity to develop your interests.
Field of study : Humanities
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