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Ecole Supérieure des Travailleurs Educatif et Social

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The Graduate School in Educational and Social Work was formed from the School Specialty Educators, founded in 1951, and the Regional School of Social Service, created in 1963. Working closely with the social and medico-social, sensitive to changes in business and public policy, the ESTES implements an approach favoring transversal, alternate and individualized curriculum.
In the service of personal and professional trajectories, the initial and continuing training are equally suited to students coming out of high school, only to professionals in the social sector and medico-social, or to people in retraining.

The ESTES, is organized into three departments:

The department of training:
The training prepares students for state social worker, a special education teacher, an educator specialized technical.
These diplomas are preparing for three years and are certified at Level 3. During their third year, students can earn a license in conjunction with their state qualification: degree in sociology in partnership with the University of Strasbourg, Bachelor of Science in Education in partnership with the University of Haute Alsace . These studies may, under certain conditions, be done in initial training, continuing education, in employment, or by way of learning. The ESTES has met the reporting requirements prior to the representative of the State. The training is approved and subsidized by the Alsace Region. Other modes of financing are possible. The Continuing Education department organizes a preparation for the written entrance exam training.

The Continuing Education Department:
This department provides training qualifications and diplomas:
 • Monitor preparedness skills technique workshop, as hostess and night supervisor qualified
 • State diploma preparation of family assistant,
 • preparedness skills and master trainer of trainer in the field, in conjunction with other centers of social work education in Alsace,
 • Preparation, in partnership with the University of Evry, the Master in Sociology II "urban social development", with a possible step to University Degree (Master I) "Social Development" with the Catholic University of Lille.
 The Continuing Education department provides further support to the VAE for the degree of ETS.

Other courses:
Our areas of action are many. The on-site training to all fields of intervention in our industry:
 • thoughts, tools, methods related to professional practice and evaluation,
 • meaning and methods of educational and social intervention in a changing environment,
 • tools for understanding the complexity and overseeing the management and organization,
 • diagnosis and advice to institutions, services and industry associations.

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